About us

Naku – Finnish word for naked, nude, bare, undressed, exposed.

What started as Mikaela & Gillan Design in 2018 is now Naku, a Helsinki based jewellery brand. Every piece of Naku jewellery is individually designed and handcrafted by us, Mikaela Lindfors and Gillan Suvisaari. We believe Naku as a name represents our earrings perfectly since what inspires us the most is the feminine splendour and all the power within female body.

Our story began in late 2018 when we got a request to design something for a design sale a friend of ours was organizing. First we had a vision of seashell earrings, but soon that vision evolved into something more. One evening at Gillan’s place we started sketching faces of different shapes on paper which led to our first single wire design, Faces earrings. Shortly after that evening Mikaela sent a sketch of the Bobs earrings to Gillan who got inspired by the “body theme” and molded the Vagenes earrings at that very moment.

In addition to our ever-evolving collection, we also offer made to order pieces. Please contact us for further information.

We wish to make jewellery that not only looks good but tells a story. Check out all of our earrings and necklaces from here.

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Co-founders Gillan and Mikaela sitting on a couch
Gillan and Mikaela