Materials and manufacturing

In order to ensure a viable planet for us and future generations, the way our society produces and consumes goods needs to change. As we at Naku Jewellery care about our planet very dearly, we aim to minimize our impact on the environment. All our jewellery is made to order, so there is never surplus or inventory. Each piece is made by hand in our home studios in Helsinki, Finland by the founders of Naku Jewellery, Mikaela Lindfors and Gillan Suvisaari. In our home studios we use renewable energy and since we don’t really need any power tools or other equipment for our production it is also very energy-efficient. All our jewellery is designed for quality and long-term use.

All the pearls and beads used in our necklaces, bracelets, anklets and most of our earrings are either upcycled or repurposed. Upcycling is the creative process of transforming old products or leftover materials into brand new products. It is also our way to reduce waste and ensure all our designs are highly unique. The materials are sourced with a big amount of love, time, and effort. We hunt our recycled pearls, beads, natural stones and many other materials mostly from thrift shops, flea markets and online. We wish our jewellery to last time so clasps, chains, hooks and pins are made of gold plated silver, and earring hoops gold plated copper. To minimize logistics emissions and avoid flights, we buy the pearls, beads and most of the other jewellery parts from Finland. Our excess chain comes from Germany.

Long term use and zero waste

We offer repairing services to make sure the lifecycle of a product is as long as possible. We also take jewellery and loose beads back for reuse in case they no longer serve you. No jewellery or pearls returned to us will ever be disposed but always reused. In addition, we want to give a new life for jewellery that people value but no longer use and that is why we also design and make made-to-order pieces made of your own old jewellery.

Packaging and shipping

To reduce packaging waste, our products are sold without gift boxes. Our shipping packaging, including mailers, paper bags, stickers and cards are exclusively recycled and recyclable paper. They are all made in Europe and come to us either from Finland or Denmark. Your jewellery will arrive in 100% recycled padded mailer. The envelopes we use (if not recycled) are made of FSC sertified paper, meaning the wood has been harvested in a responsible manner. We avoid plastics and any non-recyclable materials. All the packaging materials we use, can be recycled as paper. Occationally when we do use gift bags, they are also handmade of recycled materials in Helsinki. For all our domestic deliveries, we use Finnish postal service provider Posti. Posti is already carbon neutral due to emission compensation and it aspires to be emission free by 2030.

Siren Bracelet

The work continues

We aim to be as honest and transparent as possible. Naturally, we still have a lot to improve, but we can promise that we are doing our best to become the best version of Naku Jewellery. As a young (and with pretty many orders for two pairs of hands) company we have not yet had resources to improve our sourcing processes what it comes to some of the small precious metal parts we use in our jewellery. We buy them from Finnish suppliers that we trust to obey the EU laws and regulations, but we can admit that we don’t know enough about the origin. Our extension chain comes from Germany and the same applies to it. At the moment, we are negotiating with a German manufacturer that produces all items responsibly in Germany from recycled alloys. We wish to reach an agreement soon. We will keep you posted!